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Sustainable Seattle
Feb 04, 2020
PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Sustainable Seattle accepts internship and professional development proposals on a rolling basis. Individuals developing their expertise around sustainability (students, emerging professionals, transitioning professionals, and so on) may submit an idea for a special project or research proposal. Project examples may include, but are not limited to: Nonprofit management (administration, resource development) Sustainable Business (management strategies for sustainability, industrial trends, industrial ecology, private sector engagement around sustainable practice) Marketing (branding, communications and engagement strategy) Activism and community organizing Community engaged/participatory sustainable landscaping, sustainable infrastructure Data and trends (internally (CRM), regionally (GIS)) Design thinking and systems change A combination of the above …and what else? Current organizational projects may include: Organizational history – research, design, present (An archiving, impact assessment, and communications project) Local practitioners review – a comprehensive, interactive resource guide to active organizations and key regional events (A resource mapping, regional industrial ecology assessment project) Research topics may include, but are not limited to: Full footprint and materials use in and for Seattle Greenwashing and Authentic Engagement Sustainability, Banking and Financial Institutions in Seattle Houselessness and best practices in Seattle Public Enagement towards Regenerative Cities Critical Culturalism and Social Change Gamification and disaster preparedness Languistics and Sustainable Urbanism Queer/Crip/Intersectional/Feminist Ecology …and what else? Or, a combination of the above Research may be applied to develop new programs, inform strategic direction, or be published on a blog or white paper. We enthusiastically welcome innovative, unconventional, radical, playful, game-changing thinkers. Are you interested in sponsoring a Sustainable Seattle internship? Contact Executive Director Em Piro to provide equitable internships for emerging sustainability leaders in the Seattle area.