David Energy

About David Energy

Our team combines years of sustainability expertise and a deep understanding of all of the various Distributed Energy Resources available. We undertake a rigorous evaluation and bring in partners as needed to help deliver the best possible energy system for customers.

Our Story

David Energy was founded on the belief that we are at the dawn of a transformational period on the electricity grid. Over the next 40 years, we will shift from large, centralized, fossil fuel consuming, and analog power plants to small, distributed, cleaner, software enabled energy generating resources. The grid will gradually change from the one way flows of power of old to a two way network of communicating nodes as a result. This requires a new kind of energy provider, one centered around modern communication and software technologies.

What We Do

We take a holistic approach to all of our customers’ energy needs and leverage software to make providing electricity transparent and easy to engage with. From energy billing management and local law compliance, to optimizing distributed energy resources such as solar, battery storage, HVAC controls, and more.

Who We Serve

We work with commercial and industrial customers, from large office buildings in midtown manhattan to industrial manufacturing plants on Long Island and universities in New Jersey. Large building owners and managers can benefit from taking a software driven approach to their energy needs, and not just those who already have Distributed Energy Resources such as solar and battery storage.