Boundless Impact Investing

Driven by the latest research by independent industry and academic experts, Boundless Impact Investing offers analysis, market trends, and evidence of best practices in a growing number of emerging sectors that address major social and environmental challenges.

 We are an advanced consulting firm that enables investors to connect with industry leaders and peers for expert analysis, diverse perspectives, and real-time collaboration. Our investor education and expert advisory services offer proprietary access to both subject-matter experts and other impact investors.


Exclusive Resources for Impact Investors

We analyze, segment, and gauge the “investment readiness” of emerging industries like food waste, conservation finance and education technology for family offices, institutional investors and funds. Our subject matter experts produce qualitative and quantitative analysis of emerging industries that are solving social and environmental challenges. Our research is used by a growing number of impact funds looking to discover and get behind future market share winners.



  • Sector-specific Analysis

  • Impact Evaluation

  • Outcomes and not Outputs



  • Exclusive Networking

  • Thematic Investor Circles

  • Collaborative Learning



  • Industry Specific Evaluation Framework

  • Impact Performance and Metrics