Juan Rovalo

  • Science Program Specialist
  • Seattle, WA, USA
  • Jan 21, 2020
Full time Government/Nonprofit Land Use

Personal Summary

I appreciate your attention and time of reding through this:

My first degree is in Biology; I had the opportunity to study and work in several research laboratories in the following fields: Neuroscience, Biotechnology, Ecology, Botany, Mycology, and Zoology; experiencing different environments, processes, data collection, and interpretation.

With a deep concern about the degradation of ecosystems and livelihoods and a strong drive to do something about it, I complemented my development by studying an MBA, which gave me skills and understanding of business development, management, and entrepreneurship.

With this base, I founded my first company (in Mexico) with a multidisciplinary team integrating Life Sciences with Design, Architecture, and Engineering, with the mission of producing systemic solutions in the built environment, including an innovative ecological approach to planning, and landscape design.

I managed, planned, and supervised the different phases of complex projects from the business development and proposal writing to the interaction with clients, analysis of local regulations, budget management, research, site analysis (ecological assessment and biophysical attributes), design, construction, and monitoring. Working and coordinating multidisciplinary teams in different regions and cultural contexts.

As a Biologist involved in the design and land use planning, I was invited to study a two-year certificate with the Biomimicry Group (USA), which led to the completion of a degree in Master of Science through the Arizona State University (ASU). 

After ten years of working in my first company (multidisciplinary environmental design), I started a second company (In Site and Associates) to give environmental consulting services.

Through this company, I provided science-based services to planning, design, and developer groups to a diverse set of clients in different countries and cultures.

I have participated and lead environmental assessments in terrestrial and aquatic environments, including wildlife and habitat surveys, wetland delineation, biological assessment, invasive species management, water quality, soil analysis, and designed mitigation and restoration strategies while working with clients, organizations, and stakeholders.

I have participated in the integration of different reports, EIA, environmental compliance documents, and public presentations while working with investors, design team leaders, and government agencies while continued participating as a lecturer, speaker, and instructor in universities, conferences, and workshops. 

I have worked in several countries and different ecosystems; and take a lot of fulfillment in being able to connect and collaborate on a personal level with individuals and groups across a wide range of cultural contexts, interests, and values.

My 18+ years of entrepreneurship demonstrate the ability to provide leadership and initiative which has included the development and synthesis of a wide range of activities from the scientific research, and laboratory analysis, to strategic planning and administrative activities such as marketing, project management, team dynamics, direction, and customer interactions.


Key qualifications that I bring and I believe are very much aligned with TNC values and mission include:

-   Deep commitment throughout my career in aiding in the conservation and recovery of degraded places and communities.

- 18+ years of experience leading and planning studies and data analysis for different organizations and collaborating across sectors and multidisciplinary teams.

-    100+ ecological projects of a wide variety of scopes within built environment initiatives

-    Participated in and coordinated research activities in both aquatic and terrestrial environments. Including remote sensing, field GPS data collection, and GIS analysis.

-   I have worked in 8 countries on five continents over 12+ unique Eco-regions.

-    Participated in the development of academic curriculums for ecological sciences and cross-disciplinary integration for graduate and undergraduate studies.

-    Delivered workshops, lectures, and keynotes in Universities, Diploma Courses, and Conferences.

-    Worked in multiple cultural contexts.

- Creative and empathetic team coordination

- Community-oriented, aware of the human and ecological conditions of the world across different countries, cultures, and economic backgrounds.

The details of my background are included in the resume and welcome the opportunity to discuss further how I might serve this position. 




Juan Rovalo


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Work Experience

Senior Ecologist and Integrated Design Specialist
Sep 2018 - Biohabitats Inc.

Senior Ecologist and Integrated Design Specialist, BIOHABITATS INC.
Business development and proposal writing, performing, and managing ecological assessments (in different ecosystems and locations, including wetlands, ecological functionality, habitat, and wildlife. Working with clients and multidisciplinary teams in the design of master plans, mitigation and restoration plans, comprehensive real estate development, report writing, and public presentations.

Principal and Founder
May 2014 - Sep 2018 In Site and Associates

Ecological Site analysis, land stewardship, land use, and planning.

Business development, keynote, and lectures, proposal writing, coordination and execution of field studies, participation in the design process for land use, stewardship, and conservation planning.

Principal and Founder, Living systems director
May 2005 - May 2014 Taller de Operaciones Ambientales

An interdisciplinary partnership between biologists, industrial designers, and architects, in pursuit of holistic, sustainable design including high-performance ecological landscape design. Over 500 projects completed.


Master in Science
Sep 2015 - Jun 2016 Arizona State University
Master of Business Administration
Sep 2005 - Jul 2008 Iberoamerican University (Mexico)
Sep 1996 - Jul 2002 National University of Mexico (UNAM, Mexico)