Giovanni J Ciriello

  • Climate Impact Research Intern
  • Apr 16, 2020
Intern Analyst

Personal Summary

I am writing to express my interest in the sustainability internship program at Boundless Impact Investing. As a sophomore at Bentley University studying Finance with a concentration in Earth, Environment, and Global Sustainability, I am very interested in an opportunity that allows me to gain experience in working in the sustainability field. I believe that this internship experience will foster a foundation for my career development as well as a means to display my diverse skillset and hardworking mentality. I am confident that my abilities in and outside the classroom will make me an ideal potential candidate for this internship. The opportunity to work for Boundless Impact Investing will put me in position to further utilize and sharpen my existing skills while also allowing me to work in a field I care about deeply.

The amount of quality scholastic and extracurricular experiences I have been a part of has made me a capable candidate for the position. As a Project Manager for TAMID, I learned how to lead a team of several students in consulting for real start-ups in Israel. My leadership and team management skills have helped me provide valuable information for Cywatt Technologies Itd, a water protection company. The position entailed market research and constant communication with an officer in the company. My involvement as the Social Communication Officer for the Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity has also been a valuable experience. The position requires a strong understanding for Microsoft Excel as well as budgeting several thousands of dollars and networking skills. I am required to brainstorm creative ideas for events, and lead others to follow through with my ideas. Through these involvements, I have matured my leadership skills as well as my ability to collaborate with others, two important traits that would be very useful as an intern at Boundless Impact Investing. These experiences have also given me the ability to develop a holistic repertoire in terms of creativity and communication skills that aid my candidacy for the position.

I believe my coursework at Bentley University has also strengthened me into being a strong candidate for the internship. In the course, Environmental Science and Sustainability, my knowledge of environmental issues has grown immensely. I performed a “trash audit” where I looked through many recycling bins on campus to see if students are recycling properly. I uncovered that most people put food and other non-recyclables in the wrong bins. We also studied the impacts of human caused climate change.

Attached is my full resume for your review. I would like to welcome the opportunity to discuss my qualifications in detail and to learn more about the summer internship position at Boundless Impact Investing. I can be reached by phone at +1(347) 420-4415 or via email at Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.


Giovanni Ciriello


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Sustainable Investing
Aug 2018 - May 2022 Bentley University