Antonio Boix Contreras

  • Environmental and Multidisciplinary Engineer
  • Netherlands
  • Oct 13, 2019
Full time Energy Generation Transportation Engineering Entry Level Health Care

Personal Summary

Dear Sir/Madam

I am a 34 years old Environmental and multidisciplinary Engineer born in Spain. I am currently living in the Netherlands for 3 years, but before coming here, I have been covering other challenging and worth experiences in the UK and France. You can read them thoroughly on my Resume.

I consider myself an easy-going guy who loves to be friendly with my colleagues. I also like to  take care our environment, as well as contribute as much as possible within our earth and our people. Since I finished my studies about Electronics Engineering in 2013, I have always been covering exciting and interesting interships/jobs related specifically to my studies. I have been working for Electronic Technologies companies, basically because I thought that it was made for me and, also because external sources suggested that this field would provide me plenty of work chances and a steady financial life.

During all these previous years, I was involved on different Traineeship programs and work positions over Europe. For instance, I have been experiencing as a Junior Electronics Developer in a Startup company, placed in Leiden. I have also been working for an Internet of Things Pilot Project within a Railway company in Nijkerk. I also had the awesome chance to cover a five months-intership-program within the European Union for Railway Agency placed in Valenciennes (France), where I got the chance to know, how a public European institution is working on its insides, besides meeting a lot of international cultures. I worked in Thales on my previous job. Thales is a huge multinational company, where one of its headquarters is located in Hengelo. Thales-Netherlands mainly designs, develops and integrates the complete radar systems for Defense vessels. Thales basically works together with governments as main customers.

However, at the end of these months, a deep feeling came up to my mind, I realized that all I wanted and whish, is to be part of an Environmental & Sustainable company, where I can not only provide my technical experience, but also my sustainable and green ideas, based mainly in: Profit, Planet and People. I would like to provide my native social and research skills, which I was not able to put in practice during my previous job experiences.

I am excited to contribute my passional interest within a more sustainable world and a less global warming planet on your company efforts. As an extroverted and friendly communicator, together using my technical background to provide ideas and search for solutions, we can focus on building strong professional relationship and a valuable profit for the companies.

Please review my resume for a complete collection of my work history and accomplishments. I would like to schedule an interview at your earliest convenience and will contact you in order to check on your availability. I’m hoping to discuss how my personality and work history fit the role offered.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Antonio Boix


Work Experience

Test Engineer