Sebastien Leandry Ntsame

  • Logistic
  • Libreville Gabon
  • Nov 29, 2019
Full time Government/Nonprofit Materials Transportation Other Purchasing-Procurement

Personal Summary

Dear Sir,

Holder of a Bachelor degree in Economics and a BTS in Logistics, I am also backed by a proven experience in the field of Management, coordination and supervision of Logistics Operations of various projects and programs, particularly in the field of administrative and logistics management.
Indeed, as my Resume shows, the many missions I did during my previous jobs gave me a solid understanding of logistical processes, particularly in planning, organization, coordination and supervision of various operations. The management of people and goods, the respect of deadlines and the constant concern of optimization of the levels of management, and the execution of the tasks, without forgetting the Reporting, brought me the sense of rigor, of listening and analysis.
Equipped with a strong capacity of adaptation, I also have an excellent knowledge of the parameters such as the development and the application of the procedures of follow-up, control and management of the material and Human goods. The development and implementation of performance indicators that can guide service corrective actions is also one of my strengths.
My dynamism, my proven knowledge of Gabon, combined with excellent interpersonal skills will be for you, I hope, decisive qualities at your decision. Also, I remain available to provide you with additional information during a possible interview.

Best Regards